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Kids Club Rifi

The Mini Club is an indoor children''s playground with video, games, children''s discotheque, indoor playground, etc.
It is aimed at the youngest children and has the most popular and fun toys of each season. It is divided into six spaces:

  • The home area, with kitchens, supermarkets, sewing games...
  • The zone of constructions and professions, with cranes, lego, carpenters
  • The interactive and electronic area, where there are special tablets for children, robots, contests, etc.
  • The dolls and stuffed animals area has houses, dressing rooms or changing rooms.
  • The area of vehicles, garages and circuits has the traditional scalextrics, remote-controlled cars, garages or tools
  • The early childhood area with airplanes, cars, keyboards or snap-ons

Monday till Thursday: 4pm-8pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 4pm-7pm and 9pm-11pm

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